>> “ Obtaining a proper fit in lifestyle and social sphere is not easy, otherwise we would all have it. It’s not exactly something you “find,” although that’s the way most people erroneously pursue it. It’s something you build. That means you have to be willing to move, willing to judge, willing to be judged, willing to give different ways of living (apartment arrangement, cohabitants, neighborhoods, and more) a proper trial.”

Love it! Thanks for sharing Daniel :)

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Sounds like my kind people

>They refuse to work jobs they hate (but justify by any means) for dazzling amounts of money. This is a basic failure of living as common as breathing in New York. As a result, they are psychologically more well-adjusted than usual.

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I miss you all!

I wish it was easier for me to live in NY.

:'( :'( :'(

In other news...

Thank you for this beautiful piece!

It was so wonderful to meet & hang out with you.

Grateful to have had the opportunity to do so.

Big love <3

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